> > I have started working on tablespaces (to the extent that I am
> > based not on the rejected patch, but on Jim's eventual syntax proposal
> > was never developed.
> Hmm... Remember feature freeze is 1st of July. So unless you send out a
> minimally working patch before that, it won't be considered for 7.4.

I have no intention of having it ready anywhere near 7.4 :)

> > I'm working from a top-down perspective - eg. adding new catalog and
> > and support functions before mucking about with low level storage...
> I would love to hack this one. Especially putting WAL in a location that
> configurable, I mean PG knowing where to find it's WAL.

This patch won't affect WAL location - that's a separate issue.

> If you complete the syntactic part, I guess a very very rough patch should
> possible before feature freeze but that is way tooooooo optimistic.

Not going to happen :)  I haven't done very much on it yet.


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