On 24 Jun 2003 at 14:48, Jonathan Bartlett wrote:

> I know the current method for specifying alternate drives for PG tables is
> by using symlinks.  I had some ideas for simple ways to do this in PG
> code, but wanted to know if anyone was working on this right now.  I'd
> hate to take the time to start messing with this if others were already on
> it.

Well, correct solution is to implement tablespaces on which objects like 
databases, tables and indexes can be put. 

There was a long discussion on this and there was a tablespaces patch. It was 
agreed that tablespace as a set of directories would be a good point to start.

I have no idea what is the status of that effort right now. You can search the 
archives or I hope this kicks a fresh discussion..:-)

Please correct me if I am wrong. I am quoting from off my head.. not a trusted 


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