* Joe Conway ( wrote:
> Except shell escaping issues, etc, etc

That's not an issue- we're talking about reading the stdout of some
other process, there's no shell escaping that has to be done there.

> > Let us, please, stop stressing over the right way to do key management
> > as part of this discussion about providing encryption.  The two are
> > different things and we do not need to solve both at once.
> Not stressing, but this is an important part of the design and should be
> done correctly. It is also very simple, so should not be hard to add.

I disagree that proper key management is "simple".  If we really get to
a point where we think we have a simple answer to it then perhaps that
can be implemented in addition to the encryption piece in the same
release cycle- but they certainly don't need to be in the same patch,
nor do we need to make good key management a requirement for adding
encryption support.

> > Further, yes, we will definitely want to get to a point where we can
> > encrypt subsets of the system in different ways, but that doesn't have
> > to be done in the first implementation either.
> No, it doesn't, but that doesn't change the utility of doing it this way
> from the start.

No, but it seriously changes the level of complexity.  I feel like we're
trying to go from zero to light speed here because there's an idea that
it's "simple" to add X, Y or Z additional requirement beyond the basic
feature, but we don't have anything yet.  I continue to be of the
feeling that we should start simple and keep it to the basic feature
first and make sure that we can actually get that right before we start
looking into adding on additional bits.



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