On 6/13/17 02:33, Noah Misch wrote:
>> Steps to reproduce -
>> X cluster -> create 100 tables , publish all tables  (create publication pub
>> for all tables);
>> Y Cluster -> create 100 tables ,create subscription(create subscription sub
>> connection 'user=centos host=localhost' publication pub;
>> Y cluster ->drop subscription - drop subscription sub;
>> check the log file on Y cluster.
>> Sometime , i have seen this error on psql prompt and drop subscription
>> operation got failed at first attempt.
>> postgres=# drop subscription sub;
>> ERROR:  tuple concurrently updated
>> postgres=# drop subscription sub;
>> NOTICE:  dropped replication slot "sub" on publisher
> [Action required within three days.  This is a generic notification.]

It's being worked on.  Let's see by Thursday.

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