Peter Eisentraut <> writes:
> On 5/19/17 13:31, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
>> I favor having indent in a separate repository in our Git server, for
>> these reasons

> I am also in favor of that.

>> 0. it's under our control (so we can change rules as we see fit)
>> 1. we can have Piotr as a committer there
>> 2. we can use the same pgindent version for all Pg branches

> 3. We can use pgindent for external code.

Now that we've about reached the point of actually making the change,
we need to come to a resolution on where we're keeping the new indent
code.  I thought that Alvaro's point 1 above (we can give Piotr a
commit bit) was the only really compelling argument for putting it
into a separate repo rather than into our main tree.  In other aspects
that's a loser --- in particular, it would be hard to have different
indent versions for different PG branches, if we chose to run things
that way.  However, I gather from Piotr's recent remarks[1] that
he's not actually excited about doing continuing maintenance on
indent, so that advantage now seems illusory.  In any case we'd
need to keep such a repo pretty well locked down: if it's changing,
and different developers pull from it at different times, then
we're going to have people working with different indent behaviors,
which will make nobody happy.

So I'm back to the position that we ought to stick the indent
code under src/tools/ in our main repo.  Is anyone really
seriously against that?

                        regards, tom lane


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