Robert Haas <> writes:
> On Thu, May 18, 2017 at 11:00 PM, Tom Lane <> wrote:
>> The reason PGSSTrackLevel is "unrecognized" is that it's not in
>> typedefs.list, which is a deficiency in our typedef-collection
>> technology not in indent.  (I believe the problem is that there
>> are no variables declared with that typename, causing there to
>> not be any of the kind of symbol table entries we are looking for.)

> This, however, doesn't sound so good.  Isn't there some way this can be fixed?

I'm intending to look into it, but I think it's mostly independent of
whether we replace pgindent itself.  The existing code has the same
problem, really.

One brute-force way we could deal with the problem is to have a "manual"
list of names to be treated as typedefs, in addition to whatever the
buildfarm produces.  I see no other way than that to get, for instance,
simplehash.h's SH_TYPE to be formatted as a typedef.  There are also
some typedefs that don't get formatted correctly because they are only
used for wonky options that no existing typedef-reporting buildfarm member
builds.  Manual addition might be the path of least resistance there too.

Now the other side of this coin is that, by definition, such typedefs
are not getting used in a huge number of places.  If we just had to
live with it, it might not be awful.

>> All in all, this looks pretty darn good from here, and I'm thinking
>> we should push forward on it.

> What does that exactly mean concretely?

That means I plan to continue putting effort into it with the goal of
making a switchover sometime pretty darn soon.  We do not have a very
wide window for fooling with pgindent rules, IMO --- once v11 development
starts I think we can't touch it again (until this time next year).

> We've talked about pulling pgindent into our main repo, or posting a
> link to a tarball someplace.  An intermediate plan might be to give it
> its own repo, but on, which seems like it might
> give us the best of both worlds.  But I really want something that's
> going to be easy to set up and configure.  It took me years to be
> brave enough to get the current pgindent set up.

Yes, moving the goalposts on ease-of-use is an important consideration
here.  What that says to me is that we ought to pull FreeBSD indent
into our tree, and provide Makefile support that makes it easy for
any developer to build it and put it into their PATH.  (I suppose
that means support in the MSVC scripts too, but somebody else will
have to do that part.)

We should also think hard about getting rid of the entab dependency,
to eliminate the other nonstandard prerequisite program.  We could
either accept that that will result in some tab-vs-space changes in
our code, or try to convert those steps in pgindent into pure Perl,
or try to convince Piotr to add an option to indent that will make
it do tabs the way we want (ie use a space not a tab if the tab
would only move one space anyway).

Lastly (and I've said this before, but you pushed back on it at
the time), if we're doing this then we're going all in.  That
means reformatting the back branches to match too.  That diff
is already big enough to be a disaster for back-patching, and
we haven't even considered whether we want to let pgindent adopt
less-inconsistent rules for comment indentation.  So I think that
as soon as the dust has settled in HEAD, we back-patch the addition
of FreeBSD indent, and the changes in pgindent proper, and then
run pgindent in each supported back branch.

                        regards, tom lane

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