Mark Rofail wrote:
> Okay, so major breakthrough.
> *Updates:*
>    - The operator @>(anyarray, anyelement) is now functional
>       - The segmentation fault was due to applying PG_FREE_IF_COPY on a
>       datum when it should only be applied on TOASTed inputs
>       - The only problem now is if for example you apply the operator as
>       follows  '{AAAAAAAAAA646'}' @> 'AAAAAAAAAA646' it maps to @>(anyarray,
>       anyarray) since 'AAAAAAAAAA646' is interpreted as char[] instead of Text
>    - Added some regression tests (src/test/regress/sql/arrays.sql) and
>    their results(src/test/regress/expected/arrays.out)
>    - wokred on the new GIN strategy, I don't think it would vary much from
>    GinContainsStrategy.

OK, that's great.

> *What I plan to do:*
>    - I need to start working on the Referential Integrity code but I don't
>    where to start

You need to study the old patch posted by Marco Nenciarini.

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