Sergey Burladyan <> writes:

> 1. create master
> 2. create standby from it
> 3. create unlogged table and hash index like:
>  create unlogged table test (id int primary key, v text);
>  create index on test using hash (id);
> 3. stop master
> 4. promote standby
> now, if you try to upgrade this new promoted master pg_upgrade will stop
> on this hash index:
> error while creating link for relation "public.test_id_idx" 
> ("s/9.2/base/16384/16393" to "m/9.4/base/16422/16393"): No such file or 
> directory
> Failure, exiting
> I touch this file (s/9.2/base/16384/16393) and rerun pg_upgrade from
> scratch and it complete successfully.

Missed test script for it.

Sergey Burladyan

Description: Bourne shell script

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