Nigel J. Andrews wrote:

>On Thu, 26 Jun 2003, Thomas Swan wrote:
>>Is it possible the sourceforge compile farms could be used for some of 
>>the automated testing?  I'm not sure how that system works, but it could 
>>be worth looking into.
>Isn't the sourceforge license very scary and along the lines of "whatever you
>put on here we own it's just we tend not to persue that at the moment as
>there's not much money in it for us but that doesn't stop us from claiming it 
>at some indeterminate time in the future"?
If it's that intrusive, then it was a bad idea.  But, I didn't find
anything like that on their Terms of Use
page.  The compiler farm has a relatively small number of platforms, but
perhaps it would be enough to get started with at least verifying an
automated test would work. See Guide to the Sourceforge Compile Farm

In terms of implementation, I was thinking of something like the following.

    * clean the source, destination directories
    * pull latest CVS tip down.
    * record environment / installed packages
    * loop - on different options ( w/ or w/o krb5, w/ or w/o ssl, etc. )
          o make clean
          o configure with sets of options
          o compile
                + log messages
                + analyze errors ( perhaps gather statitistics:
                  warnings, failures, notices, etc.)
          o (run / install) if successful
          o run tests
                + output results (perhaps to HTML)
                + compare results with expected
                + record differences if any | gather aggregate information
          o uninstall  / clean up
    * end loop

Perhaps there could be an occasion where the test would be able to put
in a corrupt WAL or a corrupt table to do regression tests for recovery
of errors.

Of course, these are just ideas and I'm not sure how practical it is to
do any of them.  I just am really concerned about the uninstall/clean up
phase and how that can be done in an orderly fashion.   Unless the
process can start from a clean state again, then it won't be valid.   At
one point I had even given thought, vainly,  to purchasing VMWare for
such an occasion.  Suggestions?

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