Tom Lane writes:

> This is something that breaks regularly because few of the key
> developers use it :-(.  If there were automatic tests that used that
> build setup, it would be a good thing 'cause it'd keep us honest.

This should be included in 'make distcheck'.  I'm quite puzzled right now
why it doesn't to it already.  A DESTDIR installation should also be
tested there.  Once that is done, ./configure [options] && make distcheck
&& make maintainer-clean is a quite extensive test.  The only drawback is
that it is hard to isolate the log of the failing part (config.log, build
log, regression test log).

For those who don't know, 'make distcheck' builds a distribution, unpacks
it, configures, builds, and installs the temporary tree, runs the
regression tests, uninstalls, checks whether all files were correctly
uninstalled, and builds another distribution out of the temporary tree to
check whether the distribution is self-contained.

> > That said, poor cleanup would be a result of
> > a broken make clean.
> Not to worry, the developers will notice that case fast enough.

This is not my experience, but a check for this could be included in make
distcheck as well.

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