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On Thu, 2003-06-26 at 16:09, Gonyou, Austin wrote:
> DOH!. Yes....You're right I totally forgot about that. My apologies. I
> believe though, that there is a HP testing lab that is somewhat like OSDL,
> in that they offer OSS free services and many platforms to run on. (used
> be compaq's developer testdrive sort of program) I believe it still

>>I've been on Compaq's testdrive boxes before -- very nice.  But I'm not
>>sure we want to use those for a testing platform.

Agreed, but the point was, there is a developer side where developers can
test their code for a longer period of time in a more lab-like environment,
much the same way as OSDL schedules their testing, etc, but you can try
stuff on Alpha and x86, run windows, solaris, Tru64, etc.

>>More to the point, if OSDL benchmarks keep coming along we should have a
>>variety of PostgreSQL benchmarks to choose from.  Adding a regression
>>test for performance would be a wise thing to do, but will require
>>dedicated hardware for good numbers (especially if run nightly).

Understood and I concurr, I just didn't think about the testing scope of

>>Thomas had a good start in mind.  Hopefully we can extend it a little
>>once it has been started.

I agree, just trying to offer something I thought was more valuable than it
may have been. :) 

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