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On 2017-07-02 20:58:52 +0200, Michal Novotný wrote:
thank you all for your advice. I've been investigating this a little more
and finally it turned out it's not a bug in libpq although I got confused
by going deep as several libpq functions. The bug was really on our side
after trying to use connection pointer after calling PQfinish(). The code
is pretty complex so it took some time to investigate however I would like
to apologize for "blaming" libpq instead of our code.
Usually using a tool like valgrind is quite helpful to find issues like
that, because it'll show you the call-stack accessing the memory and
*also* the call-stack that lead to the memory being freed.
Yep, huge help.

BTW, on Windows, the free tool DrMemory (now 64-bit too, yay) or
commercial Purify work great.

Well, good to know about Windows stuff however we use Linux so that's not a big deal. Unfortunately it's easy to miss something in valgrind if you have once multi-threaded library linked to libpq and this multi-threaded library is used in conjunction with another libraries sharing some of the data among them.

Thanks once again,

Michal Novotny
System Development Lead

Purkynova 127, 61200 Brno
Czech Republic

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