On 2017/06/29 20:20, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is a patch for $subject.  This is based on Amit's original patch
> (patch '0007-Tuple-routing-for-partitioned-tables-15.patch' in [1]).

Thanks a lot for taking this up.

> Main changes are:
> * I like Amit's idea that for each partition that is a foreign table, the
> FDW performs query planning in the same way as in non-partition cases, but
> the changes to make_modifytable() in the original patch that creates a
> working-copy of Query to pass to PlanForeignModify() seem unacceptable. 
> So, I modified the changes so that we create more-valid-looking copies of
> Query and ModifyTable with the foreign partition as target, as I said
> before.

This sounds good.

> In relation to this, I also allowed expand_inherited_rtentry() to
> build an RTE and AppendRelInfo for each partition of a partitioned table
> that is an INSERT target, as mentioned by Amit in [1], by modifying
> transformInsertStmt() so that we set the inh flag for the target table's
> RTE to true when the target table is a partitioned table.

About this part, Robert sounded a little unsure back then [1]; his words:

"Doing more inheritance expansion early is probably not a good idea
because it likely sucks for performance, and that's especially unfortunate
if it's only needed for foreign tables."


> The partition
> RTEs are not only referenced by FDWs, but used in selecting relation
> aliases for EXPLAIN (see below) as well as extracting plan dependencies in
> setref.c so that we force rebuilding of the plan on any change to
> partitions.  (We do replanning on FDW table-option changes to foreign
> partitions, currently.  See regression tests in the attached patch.)

...this part means we cannot really avoid locking at least the foreign
partitions during the planning stage, which we currently don't, as we
don't look at partitions at all before ExecSetupPartitionTupleRouting() is
called by ExecInitModifyTable().

Since we are locking *all* the partitions anyway, it may be better to
shift the cost of locking to the planner by doing the inheritance
expansion even in the insert case (for partitioned tables) and avoid
calling the lock manager again in the executor when setting up
tuple-routing data structures (that is, in ExecSetupPartitionTupleRouting).

An idea that Robert recently mentioned on the nearby "UPDATE partition
key" thread [2] seems relevant in this regard.  By that idea,
expand_inherited_rtentry(), instead of reading in the partition OIDs in
the old catalog order, will instead call
RelationBuildPartitionDispatchInfo(), which locks the partitions and
returns their OIDs in the canonical order.  If we store the foreign
partition RT indexes in that order in ModifyTable.partition_rels
introduced by this patch, then the following code added by the patch could
be made more efficient (as also explained in aforementioned Robert's email):

+        foreach(l, node->partition_rels)
+        {
+            Index       rti = lfirst_int(l);
+            Oid         relid = getrelid(rti, estate->es_range_table);
+            bool        found;
+            int         j;
+            /* First, find the ResultRelInfo for the partition */
+            found = false;
+            for (j = 0; j < mtstate->mt_num_partitions; j++)
+            {
+                resultRelInfo = partitions + j;
+                if (RelationGetRelid(resultRelInfo->ri_RelationDesc) ==
+                {
+                    Assert(mtstate->mt_partition_indexes[i] == 0);
+                    mtstate->mt_partition_indexes[i] = j;
+                    found = true;
+                    break;
+                }
+            }
+            if (!found)
+                elog(ERROR, "failed to find ResultRelInfo for rangetable
index %u", rti);

> * The original patch added tuple routing to foreign partitions in COPY
> FROM, but I'm not sure the changes to BeginCopy() in the patch are the
> right way to go.  For example, the patch passes a dummy empty Query to
> PlanForeignModify() to make FDWs perform query planning, but I think FDWs
> would be surprised by the Query.  Currently, we don't support COPY to
> foreign tables, so ISTM that it's better to revisit this issue when adding
> support for COPY to foreign tables.  So, I dropped the COPY part.

I agree.



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