On 2017/07/04 18:15, Amit Langote wrote:
On 2017/07/04 17:55, Etsuro Fujita wrote:
This comment in an error handling in ExecPartitionCheck():

     if (!ExecCheck(resultRelInfo->ri_PartitionCheckExpr, econtext))
         char       *val_desc;
         Relation    orig_rel = rel;

         /* See the comment above. */
         if (resultRelInfo->ri_PartitionRoot)

should be updated because we don't have any comment on that above in the
code.  Since we have a comment on that in ExecConstraints() defined just
below that function, I think the comment should be something like this:
"See the comment in ExecConstraints().".  Attached is a patch for that.

Thanks for fixing that.  I forgot to do the same in the patch that got
committed as 15ce775faa428 [1], which moved that code block from
ExecConstraints() to ExecPartitionCheck().

Thanks for the explanation!

In relation to this, I found odd behavior in the error handling. Since that is another topic, I'll start a new thread.

Best regards,
Etsuro Fujita

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