For learning purposes (and because I probably need it) , I've started to make 
Rust bindings to the pgtypes Library.

One problem I'm thinking about right now is how to know if, and where, the 
library and the include files are installed. One way to avoid that problem is 
to include the source of pgtypeslib in my project, and let the rust build 
system take care of it *.

But is this possible, or feasible? I see that the makefile refers to 
Makefile.global, and also includes stuff from ecpg, aat least. I don't want to 
include the whole pg source tree, just the nice, safe, little corner that 
would be used for this purpose.

How much of the source tree would I have to carve out?
Or from another perspective; how do other language (if any) solve this?

* Not sure it can, but other rust crates seem to do it that way, e.g. https://

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