I agree with Michael Meskes that duplicating the code is probably not a good 
idea. Now I see other rust crates just depend on the right libraries to be 
installed by the developer, so I'll punt the problem until it bites me for 

This confuses me, though

> Indeed. I'm quite strongly against exposing / using pgtypeslib in more
> places. If anything it should be phased out. Because that code is
> definitely not always kept up2date, and it's a lot of work to do so.  If
> anything the code should be rewritten to *not* require so much
> duplication, then we could talk

Is this a widespread opinion?  If so, perhaps it would be an idea to mention 
that somewhere in the docs. Just reading them, it would seem to be a nice 
interface to a library that can do datetime and arbitrary numeric calculation 
for you. Both areas are very hard to get right.

No problem on my part. The target of my small project was to learn some rust 
by throing myself at it. And I learned more than expected, so the outcome is 
already fine. If the resulting project also could be of use to me and anybody 
else, it would just be an extra win.

Med venlig hilsen
Kaare Rasmussen, Jasonic

Jasonic:  Nordre Fasanvej 12, 2000 Frederiksberg

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