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> On 2017-06-14 11:48:25 +0300, Marina Polyakova wrote:
> > Advanced options:
> > - mostly for testing built-in scripts: you can set the default
> transaction
> > isolation level by the appropriate benchmarking option (-I);
> I'm less convinced of the need of htat, you can already set arbitrary
> connection options with
> PGOPTIONS='-c default_transaction_isolation=serializable' pgbench

Right, there is already way to specify default isolation level using
environment variables.
However, once we make pgbench work with various isolation levels, users may
want to run pgbench multiple times in a row with different isolation
levels.  Command line option would be very convenient in this case.
In addition, isolation level is vital parameter to interpret benchmark
results correctly.  Often, graphs with pgbench results are entitled with
pgbench command line.  Having, isolation level specified in command line
would naturally fit into this entitling scheme.
Of course, this is solely usability question and it's fair enough to live
without such a command line option.  But I'm +1 to add this option.

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