Just a thought for a psql enhancement, afiak, it is not easily possible for 
persistent connections to a database in a shell script..
        The ability for psql to remain in the background reading from stdin and 
writing to stdout until explicitly killed. More specifically, so a shell scriptor can 
have "persistent" connections to the database by calling psql once(leaving it in the 
bg), and redirecting stdio through a fifo(mkfifo)(sending queries by echo > fifo, and 
fetching results by cat fifo).
        When I have tried this in the past it will read the query, execute it, and 
exit when the results are cat'd from the fifo.

        Just wanted to make sure nothing similar enough was already in existence, and 
if anyone could easily implement this. If no one wants to, I suppose I'll look into 
doing it if it's worth doing. :)



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