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> On 07/07/2017 02:02 AM, Mark Kirkwood wrote:
>> I'd prefer *not* to see a table and its partitions all intermixed in the
>> same display (especially with nothing indicating which are partitions) -
>> as this will make for unwieldy long lists when tables have many
>> partitions. Also it would be good if the 'main' partitioned table and
>> its 'partitions' showed up as a different type in some way.
> I've just read through this thread, and I'm wondering why we can't just
> have something like  \set SHOW_PARTITIONS true  or something, and that
> would default to false.

We could, and that would have the advantage of letting people set a
default.  On the other hand, if you want to override the default
behavior just once, adding a modifier character is a lot less typing
than issuing \set, retyping your command, and issuing \set again to
change it back.  So I don't know which is better.

My main point is that it's too late to be making changes upon which we
do not have a clear consensus.  I reject the argument that v11 will be
too late to make this change.  Now that we have partitioning, I
believe there will be zillions of things that need to be done to
improve it further; several of those things already have proposed
patches; this can be another one of those things.  If we rush
something in now and it turns out that it isn't well-liked, we may
well end up with one behavior for v<10, another behavior for v=10, and
a third behavior for v>10.  Better to wait and make the change later
when we have a few more data points.

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