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On 2017-07-21 19:32, Robert Haas wrote:
On Fri, Jul 21, 2017 at 4:19 AM, Sokolov Yura
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Probably with increased ring buffer there is no need in raising
vacuum_cost_limit. Will you admit it?

No, I definitely won't admit that.  With default settings autovacuum
won't write more than ~2.3MB/s if I remember the math correctly, so if
you've got a 1TB table you're probably going to need a bigger value.

Robert Haas
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I've seed autovacuum process spending >50% of its time in fsync
(with current ring buffer) (but I used autovacuum_cost_delay=2ms).
fsync could lasts up to second on hdd if there is concurrent IO.
Even on ssd fsync could be really noticeable.

But, I agree that for 1TB table autovacuum_cost_limit still should
be increased, even with larger ring buffer.

My friend noticed, that I didn't said why I bother with autovacuum.
Our customers suffers from table bloating. I've made synthetic
bloating test, and started experiments with modifying micro- and
auto-vacuum. My first attempts were to update FSM early (both in
micro and autovacuum) and update it upto root, not only low level.

Then I looked to strace of autovacuum process, and noticed storm
of fsync. I catched backtraces with gdb rooting on fsync, and
found that evicting dirty pages from small ring buffer it the

After some experiments with combining my "early fsm update" and
size of ring buffer, I understood that increasing ring buffer
gives most of benefits: autovacuum runs faster, and bloating is
greatly reduced. On extreme case, 400mb table bloats to 17GB
on master, and only to 5GB with faster autovacuum.

I used custom scripts, and that is why my statistic is not full.
Though, I didn't found performance reduction. In fact, it looks
like tests with "larger autovacuum ring" did more queries per hour
than tests against master.

I will run pgbench for weekend, so latencies and percentiles
will be collected.

With regards,
Sokolov Yura aka funny_falcon
Postgres Professional: https://postgrespro.ru
The Russian Postgres Company

Default pgbench script wasn't able to trigger autovacuum of
pgbench_accounts table in 8 hours (scale 400, 40 clients, 900tps
average), so weekend testing were not useful.

I will re-run with custom script for next day-two.

Sokolov Yura aka funny_falcon
Postgres Professional: https://postgrespro.ru
The Russian Postgres Company

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