Gilles Darold <> writes:
> There is an issue with version prior to 10 when dumping views with circular
> references. I know that these views are now exported as views in 10 but they
> are still exported as TABLE + RULE in prior versions. This conduct to the
> following error when columns of sub-queries doesn't have the same aliases
> names:

The core of this issue, I think, is that pg_get_viewdef() knows that it
should make what it prints have output column names that match the view,
whereas pg_get_ruledef() does not, even when it is printing an ON SELECT
rule.  This is a little bit surprising --- you'd really expect those
functions to produce identical SELECT statements --- and I think it's
likely to break other tools even if pg_dump has managed to skirt the
issue.  So I'm inclined to think in terms of fixing it at that level
rather than in pg_dump.  It doesn't look like it would be hard to fix:
both functions ultimately call get_query_def(), it's just that one passes
down a tuple descriptor for the view while the other currently doesn't.

                        regards, tom lane

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