On 07/25/2017 08:58 AM, Amit Kapila wrote:
> I think the real question is where do we go from here.  Ashutosh has
> proposed a patch up-thread based on a suggestion from Andrew, but it
> is not clear if we want to go there as that seems to be bypassing
> handshake mechanism.  The other tests and analysis seem to indicate
> that the new version Perl binaries on Windows are getting built with
> flags that are incompatible with what we use for plperl and it is not
> clear why perl is using those flags.  Do you think we can do something
> at our end to make it work or someone should check with Perl community
> about it?

No amount of checking with the Perl community is likely to resolve this
quickly w.r.t. existing releases of Perl.

We seem to have a choice either to abandon, at least temporarily, perl
support on Windows for versions of perl >= 5.20 (I think) or adopt the
suggestion I made. It's not a complete hack - it's something at least
somewhat blessed in perl's XSUB.h:

    /* dXSBOOTARGSNOVERCHK has no API in xsubpp to choose it so do

Note that on earlier versions of perl we got by without this check for
years without any issue or complaint I recall hearing of. If we don't
adopt this I would not be at all surprised to see Windows packagers
adopt it anyway.



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