Victor Wagner <> writes:
> PostgreSQL 10 when build with --with-icu requires ICU 4.6 and above.
> (because it searches for libicu using pkgconfig, and pgkconfig support
> significantly changed in ICU  version 4.6)

> However, there are some reasons to build PostgreSQL with older versions
> of ICU. 

No doubt, but making that happen seems like a feature, and IMO we're too
late in the v10 beta test cycle to be taking new features on board,
especially ones with inherently-large portability risks.  We could maybe
consider patches for this for v11 ... but will anyone still care by then?

(Concretely, my concern is that the alpha and beta testing that's happened
so far hasn't covered pre-4.6 ICU at all.  I'd be surprised if the
incompatibility you found so far is the only one.)

                        regards, tom lane

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