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> Hello,
> The attached patch moves declarations of
> ExplainBeginGroup()/ExplainEndGroup() from explain.c to explain.h.
> This can be useful for extensions that need explain groups in their
> custom-scan explain output.
> For example, Citus uses groups in its custom explain outputs [1]. But it
> achieves it by having a copy of
> ExplainBeginGroup()/ExplainEndGroup() in its source code, which is not the
> best way.
> Please review.
> [1]

The patch is a kind of straightforward and looks fine for me.

I think they ought to be public, like many ExplainProperty*()
functions. On the other hand this patch can cause symbol
conflicts with some external modules but I think such breakage
doesn't matter so much.


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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