Amit Kapila wrote:
> On Sat, Jul 15, 2017 at 2:30 AM, Alvaro Herrera
> <> wrote:

> > a transaction wants to lock the
> > updated version of some tuple, and it does so; and some other
> > transaction is also locking the same tuple concurrently in a compatible
> > way.  So both are okay to proceed concurrently.  The problem is that if
> > one of them detects that anything changed in the process of doing this
> > (such as the other session updating the multixact to include itself,
> > both having compatible lock modes), it loops back to ensure xmax/
> > infomask are still sane; but heap_lock_updated_tuple_rec is not prepared
> > to deal with the situation of "the current transaction has the lock
> > already", so it returns a failure and the tuple is returned as "not
> > visible" causing the described problem.
> Your fix seems logical to me, though I have not tested it till now.
> However, I wonder why heap_lock_tuple need to restart from the
> beginning of update-chain in this case?

Well, it's possible that we could change things so that it doesn't need
to re-start from the same spot where it initially began, but I think it
requires changing too much code; I'd rather not touch it in a
back-patchable bug fix.  If we really wanted, we could perhaps change
things to avoid repeated walks of the chain, but I'd see that as a pg11
(or future) change only.  (You would be forgiven for thinking that the
interactions between EvalPlanQualFetch, heap_lock_tuple and
heap_lock_update_tuple are rather Rube Goldbergian, to use Tom's term.)

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