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> On Tue, Apr 18, 2017 at 4:25 AM, Pavan Deolasee
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> > I'll include the fix in the next set of patches.
> I haven't see a new set of patches.  Are you intending to continue
> working on this?
Looks like I'll be short on bandwidth to pursue this further, given other
work commitments including upcoming Postgres-XL 10 release. While I haven't
worked on the patch since April, I think it was in a pretty good shape
where I left it. But it's going to be incredibly difficult to estimate the
amount of further efforts required, especially with testing and validating
all the use cases and finding optimisations to fix regressions in all those
cases. Also, many fundamental concerns around the patch touching the core
of the database engine can only be addressed if some senior hackers, like
you, take serious interest in the patch.

I'll be happy if someone wants to continue hacking the patch further and
get it in a committable shape. I can stay actively involved. But TBH the
amount of time I can invest is far as compared to what I could during the
last cycle.


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