On Fri, Jul 28, 2017 at 12:39 AM, Pavan Deolasee
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> I see your point. But I would like to think this way: does the technology
> significantly help many common use cases, that are currently not addressed
> by HOT? It probably won't help all workloads, that's given. Also, we don't
> have any credible alternative while this patch has progressed quite a lot.
> May be Robert will soon present the pluggable storage/UNDO patch and that
> will cover everything and more that is currently covered by HOT/WARM. That
> will probably make many other things redundant.

A lot of work is currently being done on this, by multiple people,
mostly not including me, and a lot of good progress is being made.
But it's not exactly ready to ship, nor will it be any time soon.  I
think we can run a 1-client pgbench without crashing the server at
this point, if you tweak the configuration a little bit and don't do
anything fancy like, say, try to roll back a transaction.  :-)

Robert Haas
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