Robert Haas <> writes:
> How about we fix it like this?

That seems pretty invasive; I'm not excited about breaking a lot of
unrelated code (particularly third-party extensions) for plperl's benefit.
Even if we wanted to do that in HEAD, it seems like a nonstarter for
released branches.

An even bigger issue is that if Perl feels free to redefine sigsetjmp,
what other libc calls might they decide to horn in on?

So I was trying to figure a way to not include XSUB.h except in a very
limited part of plperl, like ideally just the .xs files.  It's looking
like that would take nontrivial refactoring though :-(.  Another problem
is that this critical bit of the library API is in XSUB.h:

#if defined(PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT) && !defined(PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT) && 
#  undef aTHX
#  undef aTHX_
#  define aTHX          PERL_GET_THX
#  define aTHX_         aTHX,

As best I can tell, that's absolute brain death on the part of the Perl
crew; it means you can't write working calling code at all without
including XSUB.h, or at least copying-and-pasting this bit out of it.

                        regards, tom lane

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