On 07/27/2017 04:33 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
> Robert Haas <robertmh...@gmail.com> writes:
>> How about we fix it like this?
> That seems pretty invasive; I'm not excited about breaking a lot of
> unrelated code (particularly third-party extensions) for plperl's benefit.
> Even if we wanted to do that in HEAD, it seems like a nonstarter for
> released branches.
> An even bigger issue is that if Perl feels free to redefine sigsetjmp,
> what other libc calls might they decide to horn in on?
> So I was trying to figure a way to not include XSUB.h except in a very
> limited part of plperl, like ideally just the .xs files.  It's looking
> like that would take nontrivial refactoring though :-(.  Another problem
> is that this critical bit of the library API is in XSUB.h:
> #if defined(PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT) && !defined(PERL_NO_GET_CONTEXT) && 
> !defined(PERL_CORE)
> #  undef aTHX
> #  undef aTHX_
> #  define aTHX                PERL_GET_THX
> #  define aTHX_               aTHX,
> #endif
> As best I can tell, that's absolute brain death on the part of the Perl
> crew; it means you can't write working calling code at all without
> including XSUB.h, or at least copying-and-pasting this bit out of it.

That's the sort of thing that prompted me to ask what was the minimal
set of defines required to fix the original problem (assuming such a
thing exists)

We haven't used PERL_IMPLICIT_CONTEXT to date, and without ill effect.
For example. it's in the ExtUtils::Embed::ccopts for the perl that
jacana and bowerbird happily build and test against.



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