Kunshchikov Vladimir wrote:
> Hello Alvaro,
> here goes v4 version: removed unused header.
> Compilation of this code snippet with -Wall -Wexter -std=c89 doesn't produce 
> any warnings.

Great, thanks!  I have pushed this to all branches since 9.4.  Would you
please give it a look?  Please let me know if you find any problems
(particularly since you seem to have a test rig to verify it on
corrupted files).

I noticed that with this patch we no longer use WRITE_ERROR_EXIT in
certain cases but instead do the printing/exiting directly.  I think
that's fine, but it would be neater to improve the WRITE_ERROR_EXIT
macro so that it takes the cfp as an argument, and then the macro is in
charge of calling get_cfp_error.  But then I noticed that it wasn't very
easy to improve things that way.  I also noticed that the usage of mixed
compressed/uncompressed file pointers in pg_dump is not very consistent,
and it would take rather a lot of effort to clean up.  So I gave up for
now, particularly as a backpatchable bugfix.  If you're interested in
mop-up work, I think we can improve pg_dump some more there.

At least, I think most common cases should correctly report any zlib
problems now.  Thanks for the patch!

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