I'm improving the Dllist in these direction:

1) Avoid "if" statements in insertion/remove phase, for instance now the
AddHeader appear like this:

DLAddHead(Dllist *l, Dlelem *e)
   Dlelem *where = l->dll_master_node->dle_next;
   e->dle_next = where;
   e->dle_prev = where->dle_prev;

   where->dle_prev->dle_next = e;
   where->dle_prev = e;

   e->dle_list = l;


2) Not using a malloc but using a "special" malloc that not perform
   a malloc for each request but do a BIG malloc at first request...

In the file dllist.h is not clear what is the public part and the private
of the implementation in particulary I see that somewhere in the code
there is the assumption that an Empty dllist is "zeroed"  instead of
use DLInitList, for example this is the way to initialize a struct that
contain a Dllist itself:

cp = (CatCache *) palloc0(sizeof(CatCache) + NCCBUCKETS * sizeof(Dllist));

this break my optimization because in my implementation a
dllist is

typedef struct Dllist
        Dlelem     *dll_master_node;
} Dllist;

and not anymore:

typedef struct Dllist
        Dlelem     *dll_head;
        Dlelem     *dll_tail;
} Dllist;

and is empty if list->dll_master_node->dle_next and
list->master_node->dle_prev are pointing to
list->master_node ( previously allocated in DLInitList).

What should I do ?  Forget the point 1)  ?

Gaetano Mendola

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