Mendola Gaetano wrote:
> "Bruce Momjian" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> > Mendola Gaetano wrote:
> > I certainly would like to see Dllist removed too.
> > 
> > > This mean that is waste of time work on dllist.
> > > I seen that exist a TODO list about "features",
> > > exist a list about: "code to optimize" ?
> > 
> > What TODO item where you looking at? 
> I see the
> and for someone that want start to code is really 
> hard reading for example:
> . Cache last known per-tuple offsets to speed long tuple access 
> what can do a "postgres source beginner" after reading that
> sentence ?
> May be is more usefull if a very "postgres source" expert, like
> Bruce Momjian or Tom Lane, will compile a more detailed list
> about what to do like: 
>     We need a really efficient double linked list with this 
>     interface blah blah blah or something like that
> I hope I was clear enough

I understand.  If you read the developers FAQ, it mentions that you
should probably ask on the hackers list about the details of specific
items.  The item you mentioned had a whole email thread recently, so
there is a long explaination and we can guide you through it so you
understand the issues.

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