I am new to Postgres backend development, and have created a recent project
that has minimal C code.  It is a transparent DDL replication solution
built on top of pglogical, but with a concept that could be used also with
other logical replication solutions if they support some mechanism to
propagate SQL to subscribers.  I describe some of its limitations in the

I would greatly appreciate some critique/review of the C code in

It is extremely simple and most of the code is shared from other existing
Postgres code.  But if we put this into production, I'd love for some more
experienced devs to at least take a look at it.

Likewise, I would love if in general anyone would try to see if using this
is feasible in their environment.

I have posted already on the bdr/pglogical list, but would also like to
share this with the broader community.

I appreciate all positive/negative feedback.  Cheers!

Jeremy Finzel
(DBA at Enova International)

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