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>>> 0002: Teach expand_inherited_rtentry to use partition bound order
>> 0004 in [1] expands a multi-level partition hierarchy into similar
>> inheritance hierarchy. That patch doesn't need all OIDs in one go. It
>> will have to handle the partition hierarchy level by level, so most of
>> the code added by this patch will need to be changed by that patch. Is
>> there a way we can somehow change this patch so that the delta in 0004
>> is reduced? That may need rethinking about using
>> RelationGetPartitionDispatchInfo().
> Regarding that, I have a question:
> Does the multi-level partition-wise join planning logic depend on the
> inheritance itself to be expanded in a multi-level aware manner.  That is,
> expanding the partitioned table inheritance in multi-level aware manner in
> expan_inherited_rtentry()?

Yes, it needs AppendRelInfos to retain the parent-child relationship.
Please refer [1], [2], [3] for details.

> Wouldn't it suffice to just have the resulting Append paths be nested per
> multi-level partitioning hierarchy?

We are joining RelOptInfos, so those need to be nested. For those to
be nested, we need AppendRelInfos to preserve parent-child
relationship. Nesting paths doesn't help. Append paths actually should
be flattened out to avoid any extra time consumed in nested Append


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