On Thu, Aug 17, 2017 at 8:39 AM, Ashutosh Bapat
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> [2] had a patch with some changes to the original patch you posted. I
> didn't describe those changes in my mail, since they rearranged the
> comments. Those changes are not part of this patch and you haven't
> comments about those changes as well. If you have intentionally
> excluded those changes, it's fine. In case, you haven't reviewed them,
> please see if they are good to be incorporated.

I took a quick look at your version but I think I like Amit's fine the
way it is, so committed that and back-patched it to v10.

I find 0002 pretty ugly as things stand.  We get a bunch of tuple maps
that we don't really need, only to turn around and free them.  We get
a bunch of tuple slots that we don't need, only to turn around and
drop them.  We don't really need the PartitionDispatch objects either,
except for the OIDs they contain.  There's a lot of extra stuff being
computed here that is really irrelevant for this purpose.  I think we
should try to clean that up somehow.

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