Noah Misch <> wrote:
I think you're contending that, as formulated, this is not a valid v10 open
item.  Are you?

As the person that came up with this formulation, I'd like to give a
quick summary of my current understanding of the item's status:

* We're in agreement that we ought to have initdb create initial
 collations based on ICU locales, not based on distinct ICU
 collations [1].

* We're in agreement that variant keywords should not be
 created for each base locale/collation [2].

Once these two changes are made, I think that everything will be in good
shape as far as pg_collation name stability goes. It shouldn't take
Peter E. long to write the patch. I'm happy to write the patch on his
behalf if that saves time.

We're also going to work on the documentation, to make keyword variants
like -emoji and -traditional at least somewhat discoverable, and to
explain the capabilities of custom ICU collations more generally.


Peter Geoghegan

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