On Mon, Aug 21, 2017 at 2:30 PM, Simon Riggs <si...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:

> > The patch applies cleanly to current master and all tests run without
> > failures.
> >
> > I also test against all current supported versions (9.2 ... 9.6) and
> didn't
> > find any issue.
> >
> > Changed status to "ready for commiter".
> I get the problem, but not this solution. It's too specific and of
> zero other value, yet not even exactly specific to the issue. We
> definitely don't want --no-extension-comments, but --no-comments
> removes ALL comments just to solve a weird problem. (Meta)Data loss,
> surely?

​It was argued, successfully IMO, to have this capability independent of
any particular problem to be solved.  In that context I haven't given the
proposed implementation much thought.

I do agree that this is a very unappealing solution for the stated problem
and am hoping someone will either have an ingenious idea to solve it the
right way or is willing to hold their nose and put in a hack.

David J.

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