Hello Masahiko-san,

Patch applies cleanly, compiles, works for me.

At least: "Required to invoke" -> "Require to invoke".


I meant the added one about -I, not the pre-existing one about -i.

About the code:

is_no_vacuum should be a bool?

We can change it but I think there is no difference actually. So
keeping it would be better.

I would like to insist a little bit: the name was declared as an int but passed to init and used as a bool there before the patch. Conceptually what is meant is really a bool, and I see no added value bar saving a few strokes to have an int. ISTM that recent pgbench changes have started turning old int-for-bool habits into using bool when bool is meant.

initialize_cmds initialization: rather use pg_strdup instead of pg_malloc/strcpy?

-I: pg_free before pg_strdup to avoid a small memory leak?

I'm not sure I would have bothered with sizeof(char), but why not!

I'm still a little bit annoyed by checkCustomCmds: when unhappy, it shows an error message and return false, which immediatly results in exit(1). However the pattern elsewhere in pgbench is to show the error and exit immediatly. I would suggest to simplify by void-ing the function and exiting instead of returning false.


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