Why not allow -I as a short option for --custom-initialize?

Other options for similar purpose such as --foreign-keys also have
only a long option. Since I think --custom-initialize option is in the
same context as other options I didn't add short option to it for now.
Because the options name is found by a prefix searching we can use a
short name --cu for now.

Hmmm. I like short options:-)

I'm inclined to remove the restriction so that we can specify
--foreign-keys, --no-vacuum and --custom-initialize at the same time.

Ok. I favor that as well.

I think a list of char would be better here rather than a single
malloced string to remove particular initialization step easily.

My thought is not to bother with a list of char.

To remove a char from a string, I suggest to allow ' ' to stand for nothing and be skipped, so that substituting a letter by space would simply remove an initialization phase.

For adding, realloc & append.


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