On Thu, Aug 31, 2017 at 11:09 AM, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> I complained a couple weeks ago that nodeGatherMerge looked like it
> leaked a lot of memory when commanded to rescan.  Attached are three
> proposed patches that, in combination, demonstrably result in zero
> leakage across repeated rescans.

Gosh, thanks for looking into this so deeply.  I apologize for all of
the bugs.  Also, my ego is taking some severe damage here.

> But it's going to crash and burn someday.

Yeah, ouch.

> (With this patch,
> there are no callers of shm_mq_get_queue(); should we remove that?)

May as well.  I can't remember any more why I did shm_mq_detach() that
way; I think there was someplace where I thought that the
shm_mq_handle might not be available.  Maybe I'm misremembering, or
perhaps the situation has changed as that code has evolved.

> The last patch fixes the one remaining leak I saw after applying the
> first two patches, namely that execParallel.c leaks the array palloc'd
> by ExecParallelSetupTupleQueues --- just the array storage, not any of
> the shm_mq_handles it points to.  The given patch just adds a pfree
> to ExecParallelFinish, but TBH I find this pretty unsatisfactory.
> It seems like a significant modularity violation that execParallel.c
> is responsible for creating those shm_mqs but not for cleaning them up.

Yeah, the correct division of labor between execParallel.c and
nodeGather.c was not entirely clear to me, and I don't pretend that I
got that 100% right.

> (That would make it more difficult to do the early reader destruction
> that nodeGather currently does, but I am not sure we care about that.)

I think the only thing that matters here is -- if we know that we're
not going to read any more tuples from a worker that might still be
generating tuples, it's imperative that we shut it down ASAP.
Otherwise, it's just going to keep cranking them out, wasting
resources unnecessarily.  I think this is different than what you're
talking about here, but just wanted to be clear.

Robert Haas
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