Re: Tom Lane 2017-08-13 <>
> Christoph Berg <> writes:
> > Seems to be a gcc-7 problem affecting several packages on mips64el:
> >
> Hm, unless there is a use of sigsetjmp earlier in that clamav
> routine, I would not assume that that's the same issue.  The bug
> I suspect we are looking at here is very specific to sigsetjmp
> callers: it usually amounts to the compiler unsafely trying to
> use the same temporary location for multiple purposes.

It appears to have been the same issue - non-long ints spilled on the
stack and loaded back as long int:

 gcc-7 (7.2.0-3) unstable; urgency=high
   * Update to SVN 20170901 (r251583) from the gcc-7-branch.
     - Fix PR target/81504 (PPC), PR c++/82040.
   * Apply proposed patch for PR target/81803 (James Cowgill), conditionally
     for mips* targets. Closes: #871514.

The package built successfully on mips64el now.


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