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> Hi,
> On 09/04/2017 04:24 PM, Bruce Momjian wrote:
> > On Fri, Sep  1, 2017 at 12:09:35PM -0400, Robert Haas wrote:
> >> I think that what this shows is that the current set of GUCs is overly
> >> OpenSSL-centric.  We created a set of GUCs that are actually specific
> >> to one particular implementation but named them as if they were
> >> generic.  My idea about this would be to actually rename the existing
> >> GUCs to start with "openssl" rather than "ssl", and then add new GUCs
> >> as needed for other SSL implementations.
> >>
> >> Depending on what we think is best, GUCs for an SSL implementation
> >> other than the one against which we compiled can either not exist at
> >> all, or can exist but be limited to a single value (e.g. "none", as we
> >> currently do when the compile has no SSL support at all).  Also, we
> >> could add a read-only GUC with a name like ssl_library that exposes
> >> the name of the underlying SSL implementation - none, openssl, gnutls,
> >> or whatever.
> >>
> >> I think if we go the route of insisting that every SSL implementation
> >> has to use the existing GUCs, we're just trying to shove a square peg
> >> into a round hole, and there's no real benefit for users.  If the
> >> string that has to be stuffed into ssl_ciphers differs based on which
> >> library was chosen at compile time, then you can't have a uniform
> >> default configuration for all libraries anyway.  I think it'll be
> >> easier to explain and document this if there's separate documentation
> >> for openssl_ciphers, gnutls_ciphers, etc. rather than one giant
> >> documentation section that tries to explain every implementation
> >> separately.
> >
> > I am worried about having 3x version of TLS controls in
> > postgresql.conf, and only one set being active. Perhaps we need to
> > break out the TLS config to separate files or something. Anyway, this
> > needs more thought.
> >
> Well, people won't be able to set the inactive options, just like you
> can't set ssl=on when you build without OpenSSL support. But perhaps we
> could simply not include the inactive options into the config file, no?

We build the pg_hba.conf file dynamically depending on if we have ipv6
support, IIRC. Maybe we need to implement that type of support into
postgresql.conf as well?

It will still be a mess though -- documentation, and tutorials around and
whatnot, will be dependent on library. But I'm not sure we can really get
around that.

Do we have some examples of how other products that support multiple
libraries do to handle this?

> I don't see how breaking the TLS config into separate files improves the
> situation - instead of dealing with GUCs in a single file you'll be
> dealing with the same GUCs in multiple files. No?

+1. I don't think splitting them up into different files makes it in any
way better -- if anything, it makes it worse.

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