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> Yeah, it would be nice to have a syntax like
> But then there also needs to be a way to create the 64 associated indexes
> too for everything to be easy.

Well, for that, there's this proposal:


As several people have right pointed out, there's a lot of work to be
done on partitioning it to get it to where we want it to be.  Even in
v10, it's got significant benefits, such as much faster bulk-loading,
but I don't hear anybody disputing the notion that a lot more work is
needed.  The good news is that a lot of that work is already in
progress; the bad news is that a lot of that work is not done yet.

But I think that's OK.  We can't solve every problem at once, and I
think we're moving things along here at a reasonably brisk pace.  That
didn't stop me from complaining bitterly to someone just yesterday
that we aren't moving faster still, but unfortunately EnterpriseDB has
only been able to get 12 developers to do any work at all on
partitioning this release cycle, and 3 of those have so far helped
only with review and benchmarking.  It's a pity we can't do more, but
considering how many community projects are 1-person efforts I think
it's pretty good.

To be clear, I know you're not (or at least I assume you're not)
trying to beat me up about this, just raising a concern, and I'm not
trying to beat you up either, just let you know that it is definitely
on the radar screen but not there yet.

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