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 >     > I know I'm being a little nitty-gritty here, but if it helps me
 >     understand it
 >     > might help others.
 >     I have applied the attached patch to show examples of using rsync on
 >     PGDATA and tablespaces, documented that rsync is only useful when in
 >     link mode, and explained more clearly how rsync handles links.  You can
 >     see the results here:
 >     http://momjian.us/pgsql_docs/pgupgrade.html
 >     Any more improvements?
 > Very nice!
 > For sake of completeness I think an example of running rsync when 
having pg_wal
 > located outside the data directories would be helpful. Especially an example
 > upgrading from 9.6 to 10 because of the name-change of pg_xlog -> pg_wal.

 I think the tablespace example is clear enough to modify for WAL and we
 instruct them right below that example to do WAL.
Well, it's not following the exact same structure as there's no 
"version-directory" in pg_xlog, so the "rsync the version-dirs into it's parent 
on the target" isn't what's happening.
That's why I think this makes sense to mention for the sake of a complete 
 rsync --archive --delete --hard-links --size-only /vol1/postgres/9.6/pg_xlog 
\ /vol1/postgres/10/pg_wal standby.example.com:/vol1/postgres/10/pg_wal 
 Andreas Joseph Krogh

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