On Thu, Sep 14, 2017 at 08:49:24PM +0200, Andreas Joseph Krogh wrote:
>     I think the tablespace example is clear enough to modify for WAL and we
>     instruct them right below that example to do WAL.
> Well, it's not following the exact same structure as there's no
> "version-directory" in pg_xlog, so the "rsync the version-dirs into it's 
> parent
> on the target" isn't what's happening.
> That's why I think this makes sense to mention for the sake of a complete
> example:
> rsync --archive --delete --hard-links --size-only /vol1/postgres/9.6/pg_xlog \
>       /vol1/postgres/10/pg_wal standby.example.com:/vol1/postgres/10/pg_wal

Well, there is technically no need for version directories in pgdata
either --- installers just create them.

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