Andres Freund <> writes:
> On 2017-09-14 23:29:05 -0400, Tom Lane wrote:
>> FWIW, I'm not on board with that.  I think the version of typedefs.list
>> in the tree should reflect the last official pgindent run.

> Why? I see pretty much no upside to that. You can't reindent anyway, due
> to unindented changes. You can get the used typedefs.list trivially from
> git.

Perhaps, but the real problem is still this:

>> There's also a problem that it only works well if *every* committer
>> faithfully updates typedefs.list, which isn't going to happen.

We can't even get everybody to pgindent patches before commit, let alone
update typedefs.list.  So sooner or later your process is going to need
to involve getting a current list from the buildfarm.

>> For local pgindent'ing, I pull down

> That's a mighty manual process - I want to be able to reindent files,
> especially new ones where it's still reasonably possible, without having
> to download files, then move changes out of the way, so I can rebase,

Well, that just shows you don't know how to use it.  You can tell pgindent
to use an out-of-tree copy of typedefs.list.  I have the curl fetch and
using the out-of-tree list all nicely scripted ;-)

There might be something to be said for removing the typedefs list from
git altogether, and adjusting the standard wrapper script to pull it from
the buildfarm into a .gitignore'd location if there's not a copy there

                        regards, tom lane

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