On 9/18/17 09:54, Peter Eisentraut wrote:
> On 9/16/17 08:10, David Steele wrote:
>>>> (5) drop contrib/chkpass altogether, on the grounds that it's too badly
>>>> designed, and too obsolete crypto-wise, to be useful or supportable.
>>> crypt() uses the 7 lowest characters, which makes for 7.2e16 values,
>>> so I would be fine with (5), then (4) as the test suite is not
>>> portable.
>> I'd prefer 5, but can go with 4.
>> I get that users need to store their own passwords, but we have support
>> for SHA1 via the crypto module which seems by far the better choice.
> I'm also tempted to just remove it.  It uses bad/outdated security
> practices and it's also not ideal as an example module.  Any objections?

Hearing none, thus removed.

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