This should be fixed for PG10, so if you have any feedback on the
design, please let me know soon.

Works for me on head against a 9.6 server, which is good.

My 0.02 €:

\d+ does not show more.

Maybe Type, Min, Max, Inc & Cycles are enough for \d?

The next/future or last/previous value is not shown. If one could be available it would be nice to have?

Maybe some names are a little large, eg "Increment" could be "Inc.".
The value is nearly always 1?

Not sure why it is "Cycles" (plural) instead of "Cycle".

The non regression test could also show a more esoteric sequence (cyclic, ...).

There is no documentation. Maybe none is needed.

I do not understand why some queries have "... \n" "... \n" and others
have "\n ..." "\n ...". I would suggest to homogeneize around the former,
because "\nFROM ..." is less readable.

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