On 9/25/17 13:53, Fabien COELHO wrote:
> \d+ does not show more.
> Maybe Type, Min, Max, Inc & Cycles are enough for \d?

That seems kind of arbitrary.  Start and Cache are just as relevant.

> The next/future or last/previous value is not shown. If one could be 
> available it would be nice to have?

You can get those from the sequence.  Running \d on a table doesn't show
the table data either.  So I think this is a valid distinction.

> Maybe some names are a little large, eg "Increment" could be "Inc.".
> The value is nearly always 1?

Yeah, but then that would look weird if only one heading were
abbreviated.  The total display width is good, so we don't need to
squeeze it too hard.

> Not sure why it is "Cycles" (plural) instead of "Cycle".

This is meant to be a verb, as in "does it cycle?".  I have changed it
to "Cycles?" to match other similar headings.

> I do not understand why some queries have "... \n" "... \n" and others
> have "\n ..." "\n ...". I would suggest to homogeneize around the former,
> because "\nFROM ..." is less readable.

Yeah that is a bit ugly, but I have just moved existing code around.

I have now committed my patch with minor adjustments, so we have
something working for PG10.

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