Tom Lane wrote:
> Alvaro Herrera <> writes:

> > Tom Lane wrote:
> >> I don't especially like the Asserts inside spinlocks, either.
> > I didn't change these.  It doesn't look to me that these asserts are
> > worth very much as production code.
> OK.  If we ever see these hit in the buildfarm I might argue for
> reconsidering, but without some evidence of that sort it's not
> worth much concern.

Sure.  I would be very surprised if buildfarm ever exercises this code.

> > I think the latch is only used locally.  Seems that it was only put in
> > shmem to avoid a separate variable ...
> Hm, I'm strongly tempted to move it to a separate static variable then.
> That's not a bug fix, so maybe it only belongs in HEAD, but is there
> value in keeping the branches in sync in this code?  It sounded from
> your commit message like they were pretty different already :-(

Well, there were conflicts in almost every branch, but they were pretty

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